#FridayFinds – Marathon Soup

I will be running my first marathon this weekend. I am nervous as hell. At the same time I’m pretty excited. I don’t think I am prepared at all, so I think I am going to rely on the crowd and the music that is on my phone.

Whenever I feel a little bit odd, I can always seem to find food blogs for comfort. In particular Jennie Perillo’s blog – In Jennie’s Kitchen. This amazing mother of two is a super woman – despite the tragedy and pitfalls she had gone through over the past few years, she can always seem to find something uplifting to write about, to encourage others. Let alone make amazing food and take amazing photos of them!

Today I will direct you to one of her recent posts – the Marathon Soup. As I am nervously getting ready for this adventure, seeing this post immediately uplifts my mood – as if she could read my mind about me running a marathon in the near future. While I probably won’t be making myself any soup before the race, I’ll be thinking about it and use it as my encouragement, and perhaps make some afterwards.

Click here to check out Jennie’s post along with the recipe!

#FridayFinds – Maple Apple Upside-Down Cake

It seems like winter has hit us all of a sudden. New England has been plagued with cold Mondays followed by ridiculously warm Tuesday – Thursday, then a mild weekend. It really seemed like fall was more like a summer. Before we know it, we’ll have to finish up all the apples and pumpkin dishes… 

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Chocolate Blueberry Overnight Oatmeal

While we really try hard not to, SO and I are fairly busy. We’d be lucky if we can sit down together for dinner before 8:00pm. I am usually out of the door by 6:00am while SO doesn’t leave until much later, it is hard to prepare a good breakfast in which we can both… 

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#FridayFinds – Chocolate Porter Mousse Tart with Potato Chip Crust

The name of this recipe is a mouthful to read, but sounds totally worth it. The first thought of this name is probably “O_O?”, but then it’d make you reconsider throwing away those bags of crushed chips. On first look I never would have guessed the crust is made of potato chips. It looks awesome! I’m… 

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#FridayFinds – Midnight Pumpkin Layer Cake

I love cake. It’s hard to make a cake for SO and I then eat it for the entire week though. On some occasions such as friends’ birthdays or when I know I have a party to go to in which I was instructed to bring a cake, I’d get to make one, and I’d… 

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The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

I am excited to be a part of Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap again this year!   Hosted by the lovely ladies from Love and Olive Oil and The Little Kitchen, each food blogger sends a dozen cookies each to three food bloggers, in return receive three dozen cookies from 3 different food bloggers. The recipe… 

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Preserved Lemons

Lemons are great with everything. Sometimes I may even eat them as-is. I really don’t find them sour at all. While plain ol’ lemons are amazing with chicken, pies, and fish, preserved lemons add a great complexity to these dishes. It is pretty easy to preserve lemons, or anything for that matter. All you really… 

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#FridayFinds – Naked Scary Carrot Cake

Naked cakes seems to be a trend lately – I’ve been seeing a lot of those in wedding blogs. As Halloween approaches, I’ve been seeing less and less overly-fondanted cakes and instead with these barely-any-frosting counterparts. While I adore frosting (understatement), I can’t help but find these cakes very attractive. For today’s #FridayFinds I have… 

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#FridayFinds – Pork Chops with Spicy Apple Mustard Sauce

It seems like Fall has finally hit New England. We had a fairly mild summer followed by a ridiculously warm September. Now that the leaves are finally changing colors, we are increasing our apple consumptions. Fall is our time to eat a lot of pork chops, as we love topping a perfectly-seared pork chop with… 

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Meyer Lemon Honey Whiskey Sour

Happy Hump Day! I’m sure there are moments when you say to yourself: “Friday can’t come any sooner!”

#FridayFinds – Apple Walnut Tarts with Maple Custard

OMG. Isn’t this tart gorgeous? I am always amazed by cooks who are also super creative artistically with their food. Here Allie from Baking A Moment sliced up a couple of Macoun apples and curled them up to resemble roses over a delicious maple custard tart. It turns out that making these apple roses isn’t… 

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