#FridayFinds – Midnight Pumpkin Layer Cake

I love cake. It’s hard to make a cake for SO and I then eat it for the entire week though. On some occasions such as friends’ birthdays or when I know I have a party to go to in which I was instructed to bring a cake, I’d get to make one, and I’d go all out on it.

Well, this cake will definintely be next on my list. It’s spooky enough for Halloween, yet not too crazy so that you can make it throughout the fall and winter without anyone judging. Chocolate cake sandwiched between pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling PLUS caramel? Sign me up! I have yet to try the pumpkin and chocolate combination (I know, I know…), so I can’t wait to try this out.

Head Over to Sweetapolita and Check Out the Recipe! While you are there, check out her other cakes as well – they are gorgeous!

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

I am excited to be a part of Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap again this year!   Hosted by the lovely ladies from Love and Olive Oil and The Little Kitchen, each food blogger sends a dozen cookies each to three food bloggers, in return receive three dozen cookies from 3 different food bloggers. The recipe… 

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Preserved Lemons

Lemons are great with everything. Sometimes I may even eat them as-is. I really don’t find them sour at all. While plain ol’ lemons are amazing with chicken, pies, and fish, preserved lemons add a great complexity to these dishes. It is pretty easy to preserve lemons, or anything for that matter. All you really… 

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#FridayFinds – Naked Scary Carrot Cake

Naked cakes seems to be a trend lately – I’ve been seeing a lot of those in wedding blogs. As Halloween approaches, I’ve been seeing less and less overly-fondanted cakes and instead with these barely-any-frosting counterparts. While I adore frosting (understatement), I can’t help but find these cakes very attractive. For today’s #FridayFinds I have… 

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#FridayFinds – Pork Chops with Spicy Apple Mustard Sauce

It seems like Fall has finally hit New England. We had a fairly mild summer followed by a ridiculously warm September. Now that the leaves are finally changing colors, we are increasing our apple consumptions. Fall is our time to eat a lot of pork chops, as we love topping a perfectly-seared pork chop with… 

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Meyer Lemon Honey Whiskey Sour

Happy Hump Day! I’m sure there are moments when you say to yourself: “Friday can’t come any sooner!”

#FridayFinds – Apple Walnut Tarts with Maple Custard

OMG. Isn’t this tart gorgeous? I am always amazed by cooks who are also super creative artistically with their food. Here Allie from Baking A Moment sliced up a couple of Macoun apples and curled them up to resemble roses over a delicious maple custard tart. It turns out that making these apple roses isn’t… 

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Honey Sage Tumeric Wings

Happy Labor Day! While you are thinking about BBQs, parties, upcoming football season, or even back to school, here’s a little snack recipe for you This recipe takes a nice twist on typical chicken wings/party food type of thing. I usually like my chicken wings fried plain, but occasionally I like them in soy sauce or… 

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A Little Rebranding

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my blog. While you may have seen many entries in the past, this is my actual first post on this site. Due to an expansion of my ideas and some writer’s block, I decided to have a little rebranding and started a new site here. My new goal is to have… 

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Meyer Lemon Marmalade Three Ways

I ordered $30 worth of Meyer lemons from the Lemon Ladies Orchard in California.   Once I had a list of recipes lined up, I wished I spent $50 instead. The first thing was marmalade. I enjoy marmalade enough that I would eat it with a spoon….but since I’m scared of eating an entire jar… 

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Meyer Lemon Rolls

Being nice to your sweetie doesn’t just end after Valentine’s Day. How about surprising your loved one with a nice little breakfast in the morning? These are lemon rolls, which are essentially cinnamon rolls but filled with lemon sweetness. I used my cinnamon rolls dough as a base (but used half WW and half AP… 

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